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Electric Department
The electric department provides power and light to citizens within city limits.

Mr. Electric says power "blinks" prevent longer power outages!

Occasionally, you may come home to find you digital clocks flashing. You know the power has been off, but everything seems OK. This could mean that you had what our Electric Supervisor calls a "blink".

Blinks are actually good; they prevent prolonged power outages. For example, if the wind brings a tree limb into contact with a power line, it causes a potentially dangerous and damaging short circuit. The City of Stroud system momentarily interrupts power to allow the problem to clear, and often the only result is some flashing clocks. If the tree limb remains on the line after the blink, the nearest fuse will trip to prevent damage to transformers, substations and other equipment. Without blinks and fuses, power outages would last a lot longer. So next time you return home to find a flashing clock, remember that blinks are good.