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Sanitation / Garbage Pick-up
Stroud Sanitation
City of Stroud contracts with Central Disposal Inc. for sanitation.

Residential Services
Single family residential units are picked up on a weekly basis on either Wednesday or Thursday.
  • Single family residents who live north of Highway 66 or east of Highway 99 will be picked up on Wednesday.
  • Single family residents who live south of Highway 66 or west of Highway 99 will be picked up on Thursday.

Commercial & Industrial Services
Commercial and industrial services range from 2 cubic yard containers to 8 cubic yard containers with an option to be picked up once a week to five times a week.

City Dumpsters
If you wish to haul your own debris, there are 2 dumpsters at the dog pound for City Utility customers - Free once a month, after that it is $5. Non-utility and rural customers are to pay $25 per load at City Hall. No tree limbs or brush, please.

Additional Information
If you are not picked up on your designated day, please call (918) 968-2571 so that we can process a work order.

Clean Up Days
Bi-Annual, Spring & Fall
Clean Up - Fix Up - Paint Up
Let's All Do Our Part During
Clean-Up Week
Free Trash & Debris Pick-up*

Here's How You Can Help!

  1. You must have you trash & debris set out at the curb by 7 a.m. on the first day of clean-up.
  2. All trash and debris must be separated; if it is mixed it will not be picked up. No household trash.
  3. Tree limbs must be placed separate from all other debris placed at the curb.
  4. No tree limbs or other debris shall be longer than 4 feet in length or 10 inches in diameter.
  5. All tree limbs shall be placed parallel to the curb.
  6. If alley pick up is necessary or you need assistance please call 918-987-2571 for approval/help.
  7. Piles or bags of leaves will not be picked up.
  8. Only one pass is scheduled. If you do not have your items at the curb by 7 a.m. on the first day of clean-up, no pickup will occur.
If you wish to haul your own debris, City dumpsters will be located on the cement slab West of City Hall only during community wide clean up.
  • Clean up your yard
  • Trim the shrubs and trees
  • Paint the house
  • Plant flowers
  • Haul off inoperative vehicles and machinery

*White goods such as refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, etc. will be picked up.
    All Refrigeration Equipment MUST HAVE COMPRESSOR REMOVED!
*Tires, oil, paints, batteries and any hazardous materials will not be picked up.
**If you have the above mentioned items, please call 918-968-2890 for further assistance.
Mattress recycling: https://www.tuck.com/mattress-disposal/