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Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants
Water Treatment BuildingAbout the Department:
The water and sewer department is responsible for repairing leaks in water and sewer lines, installing new water meters and unclogging sewer mains and small water/sewer line extensions.

DEQ Consumer Confidence Reports
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Stroud Lake (14,684 AF) supplies water to a treatment plant that provides the community with 1,500,000 GPD capacity. Consumption ranges from 245,000 to 400,000 GPD. Processed water demands from 350 gallons-per-minute to 800 gallons-per-minute instantaneous demand are available, onsite at 65-76 psi pressures.

 Water System
 Storage Capacity  Daily Consumption  Pressure In Mains  Source - Capacity
 Ground: 260,000 GPD  Max: 1,100,000 GPD  75 PSI  Lake - 1,200,000 GPD
 Elevated: 1,275,000 GPD  Min: 245,000 GPD  60 PSI  

Sanitation and Sewage Treatment
The city's sewer treatment plant is capable of treating 230,000 gal/day, with a BOD load of up to 3300 lbs/day and a TSS load of up to 250 lbs/day. Stroud has an SBR System of treatment. The city's sewage treatment system is currently operating at approximately 67% of capacity.

 Sewer Treatment Capacity and Load
 Measurement  Capacity  Present Load
 Gallons per Day  1,000,000  310,000
 Population Equivalent  10,000  3,100