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Industrial Sites
Industrial Sites in Stroud
The Stroud Industrial Authority (SIA) acts as an arm of the City of Stroud for economic development purposes. SIA's trustees aggressively seek new and/or expanding business / industry to one of their three industrial / business sites.

Midway Industrial Park 
The original 90 acre site has space available with all the infrastructure, utilities, and fiber optics in place and ready to build. This site currently has a 10,000 square foot spec building for lease or sale. All interested parties should contact the Stroud Industrial Authority. The SIA expanded the Midway Industrial Park in 2012 with the addition of 30 acres that are currently being brought up to site-ready standards.

Retail Power Center
The Retail Power Center is the most strategic and advantageous location in the state of Oklahoma. It occupies 57 acres of frontage property located along I-44 with a traffic count average of 35,000 vehicles per day.

Stroud Airport
Development of the Stroud Airport is in progress.

Utilities & Utility Providers
Utilities are provided to all industrial / business sites by the following providers.

Electric is provided by the 

The City of Stroud operates the electric utility, which is capable of meeting the following:
  • Use - 965,000 kWh on-peak and 1,035,000 kWh off-peak
  • Demand - 3,500 kilovolt-amps on-peak and 3,200 kilovolt-amps off-peak

Natural Gas
Natural gas distribution is provided to the site by the Oklahoma Natural Gas Company, and is available in quantities to meet heavy industrial requirements.

Windstream Communications has a digital switching station located in Stroud. Central Oklahoma Telephone Co. is located in Davenport, Oklahoma and services the Stroud area.

Stroud Lake (14,684 Atrial Fibrillation) supplies water to a treatment plant that provides the community with 1,500,000 gallon per day (GPD) capacity. Consumption ranges from 245,000 to 400,000 GPD. Processed water demands anywhere from 350 gallons-per-minute to 800 gallons-per-minute. Instantaneous demands are available on-site at 65 to 76 pressures per square inch (psi). 
Water System
Storage Capacity Daily Consumption Pressure in Mains Source - Capacity
Ground - 260,000 GPD Max - 1,100,000 GPD 75 PSI Lake - 1,200,000 GPD
Elevated - 1,275,000 GPD Min - 245,000 GPD 60 PSI

Sanitation & Sewage Treatment
The city's sewer treatment plant is capable of treating 230,000 gallons per day with a biochemical oxygen demand load of up to 3,300 pounds per day, and a total suspended solids load of up to 250 pounds per day. Stroud has a sequencing batch reactor (SBR) system of treatment. The city's sewage treatment system is currently operating at approximately 67% of capacity. 
Sewer Treatment Capacity and Load
Measurement Capacity Present Load
Gallons per Day 1,000,000 310,000
Population Equivalent 10,000 3,100

Stroud Industrial Authority
P.O. Box 500
Stroud, OK 74079

Ph: (918) 968-4043
Fx: (918) 968-3613