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City Parks

Centennial Park
Centennial Park
Located at the corner of 2nd & Main.

It was developed from 1990 to 1992, Stroud's 100th year. There are flags and a Veteran's Memorial at the front of the park over a buried time capsule. This park is most easily recognized by the Pavilion next door to the Rock Cafe. The pavilion has been used as a beautiful space for outdoor weddings!
Geese at Foster Park
Foster Park
Located on E. 7th Street near the Middle School.

Land was donated by the Foster family and developed during the early 1950's. It offers a public swimming pool, skateboard area, a fishing pond, playground equipment and picnic facilities. The park complex also includes 4 ball fields, tennis courts, and a covered pavilion available for group activities.  More...
Park on 9th St.
Located at 515 W. 9th St.

The park has a concrete walk, bench and flower pots, flowers, and a monument.
This park is dedicated to the memory of Irene Hartman Waggoner and Gladys Loveall, 1991.

T-ball field
West Oak Park
Located north of Elm Street on South 10th Ave.

The land was donated by Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Mushrush.
It is mostly used for T-Ball.
Eagle Park
Eagle Park
Located at 224 W. 7th St.

The land was donated by Dr. and Mrs. G. Conrad Markert, 1988.
The park is an open lot with benches and a stone marker.