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Library Programs & Events
Come join us each year for the book sale and summer reading program.

Solar Eclipse Poetry Contest
Thanks to our sponsors O.J's Plants and Petals for the student's cash prizes and Beasley Technology for the winning school's telescope.  Also, thanks to our Judges: Don Sporleder, Kathy Moore and Paul Ragle.
Telescope will be awarded to Davenport High School thanks to Miss Jamie Burns. Her winning entry is below.

1st Place - $50
Jamie Burns, Davenport Sophomore

The Blinding Darkness.
As the surroundings darken,
You shall stand in one place.
It's blazing rays,
Now cast a vast shade.
The mask comes upon,
A seemingly bright light.
Looking upon this form,
It shall slice you like diamond knives.
You hide yourself, don't you?
Although we all see your corona,
You won't let your true self shine through.
Whatsoever are you afraid to show us?
Your twirls of fury twist through the sky,
You are the upmost Quirk of Cosmic Geometry.
Seeing your performance,
Shall be a pleasure to the eye.
Looking into the deep abyss,
One in which you stay.
Does it feel lonely up there?
Oh so far away.
There are predicaments, phenomenons in this world,
We humans shan't comprehend.
But when the moon passes by,
And the sun still shines,
You mustn't fear for the end.

Honorable Mentions
Gracie Rountree, Jonah Phifer, Brooklynn Lawrence,
Brandi Martin and Jason Cooper
2nd Place - $30
Andrea Britton, Davenport Senior

Mysterious Happenings
The eclipse dark and mysterious
Making all living delirious
Darkness overshadows
A happening that cannot be foreshadowed
The light from the sun becomes extinct
This feeling inside that is so distinct
Like a veil, the moon covers the sun
Everyone stops to see what has been done
At the end when light returns
Life continues to our normal concerns
Animals reawaken and plants reopen
An experience that will never be forgotten.

3rd Place - $20
Ember Patterson, Stroud 5th grader

The Great Eclipse

As our sweet sun disappears
And darkness begins to spread
I can no longer see
The shadow of my best friend
It was light, now its dark
Soon it will be light once again
This is all because of the solar eclipse.

The wolves howl
The owls shriek
They must not know what’s happening
Soon the eclipse is over
The howling and shrieking stops
Though we’re all standing speechless
From the beauty we just caught

Book Sale
  • The Library now has books for sale year round!  The new book sale tables are in the north lobby.
  • The friends of the library hold a book sale, typically, the first weekend in December. The sale includes hardback, paperback, non-fiction, mystery, romance, western, and other fiction books. Donations of books for the sale are accepted just before each sale. Funds raised benefit the Stroud Public Library.

Summer Reading Program
Every summer in June the library hosts a reading program for children and families as part of the Collaborative Summer Library Program. Programs are for toddlers through fifth grade with story time, crafts, and games.  Space is limited, so registration is required.