Civil Defense

Local Storm Shelters

Tornado sirens will alarm for 3 minutes when a storm is capable of producing a tornado or has indicated rotation. Pets are not allowed in the shelters. 

  • Senior Citizens Center - Handicap Accessible
    212 W Main Street - South entranceCivil Defense Shelter
  • Parkview Elementary - Handicap Accessible
    119 W 10th Street - South entrance
  • Middle School
    720 Gillespie Drive - North end
  • Old High School
    212 W 7th Street - West side
  • New High School
    7th Street & Hwy 66 - SW side

Message from Stroud Emergency Management - March 2020
Message from Stroud Emergency Management (PDF) - March 2019

Siren Testing

The tornado sirens are tested during the season, weather permitting, at noon the first Saturday of every month.

Additional Information

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