Utility Deposits

A soft credit check will be run when an account is opened. This will not effect your credit. The amount of your deposit will be determined from the report - $75 to $600.

Reinstatement of Deposit

A customer who has not been required to put up a deposit with the city or has had a deposit refunded may be required to put a new deposit up in the event that their payment record becomes unsatisfactory.

Deposit Refund Policy

All permanent deposits shall be held for a period of two years. After two years, the customer shall be eligible for a full refund of their deposit provided the customer:

  • Has not been late or delinquent in the payment of their utility bill(s) more than two times in the two years
  • Has not entered into a deferred payment plan with the city in the two years
  • Has never had their utilities cut off for nonpayment