Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants

Water Treatment BuildingAbout the Department

The water and sewer department is responsible for repairing leaks in water and sewer lines, installing new water meters and unclogging sewer mains and small water/sewer line extensions.

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Stroud Lake (14,684 AF) supplies water to a treatment plant that provides the community with 1,500,000 GPD capacity. Consumption ranges from 245,000 to 400,000 GPD. Processed water demands from 350 gallons-per-minute to 800 gallons-per-minute instantaneous demand are available, on-site at 65 to 76 psi pressures.

Water System

Storage CapacityDaily ConsumptionPressure in MainsSource - Capacity
Ground: 260,000 GPDMax: 1,100,000 GPD75 PSILake - 1,200,000 GPD
Elevated: 1,275,000 GPDMin: 245,000 GPD60 PSI

Sanitation & Sewage Treatment

The city's sewer treatment plant is capable of treating 230,000 gallons per day, with a BOD load of up to 3300 pounds per day and a TSS load of up to 250 pounds per day. Stroud has an SBR System of treatment. The city's sewage treatment system is currently operating at approximately 67% of capacity.

Sewer Treatment Capacity & Load

MeasurementCapacityPresent Load
Gallons per Day1,000,000310,000
Population Equivalent10,0003,100