Financial Assistance

COCAA Application

Greetings Everyone;

I am the Lincoln County Manager for Central Oklahoma Community Action Agency or COCAA. I'm not sure if you are aware that we have funding for your Lincoln County residents to help with rent or utilities. Phase 37 dollars are restricted to one billed month of service with no late fees and no deposit amounts. We also cannot cover elective items like security lights.

We also have funding for persons who are behind as a result of COVID. Whether they lost a job, had hours cut or took on more financial burden related to COVID directly, those dollars can actually pay up to 2 months of rent AND 2 months of utility. These dollars are specific for COVID relief.

All applications require ID's, social security cards and most recent 30 days gross income. We will also need for rent assistance, a complete copy of the lease signed or initialed within the last 12 months and if its utility assistance we must have the utility bill showing service dates for amount due.

Applicants can fax, email or text the application and documents back to COCAA at:



Each page must be sent individually and each page must be centered in the screen of the phone facing straight forward at the document to 405-788-0023.